Lea Salonga-Aga Muhlach Rumored Rift: Ogie Diaz Discusses Issue

What happened between Lea Salonga and Aga Muhlach

Comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz discussed the issue about the rumored rift between Tony Award-winning actress Lea Salonga and multi-awarded actor Aga Muhlach.

The issue started after the passing away of photographer Raymund Isaac who has worked with so many celebrities in the Philippines. Before the official announcement coming from the partner of Raymund, Jayson Vicente, there were already several celebrities who expressed grief on social media.

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One of them was Aga who is close to Raymund. Ogie mentioned in his recent Showbiz Update vlog with Tita Jegz that Lea reminded everyone on social media that preempting the announcement coming from the family of the deceased is not a desirable trait. 

In another post, the singer-actress said that she will stay away from social media for the rest of the night because the news was making her angry and question her friendships.

lea salonga post
📷: via Ogie Diaz’s YT channel
📷: via Ogie Diaz’s YT channel

With this, Ogie Diaz said that he felt that Aga Muhlach’s now deleted post was for this fierce post of Lea Salonga. “Binura na ni Aga na ‘yung unang message niya ay siya ay nakikiramay lalo na kay Jayson (Vicente), sa partner ni Raymund. Tapos ‘yung pangalawa natatandaan ko pa parang naghahamon. Parang nabubuwisit si Aga Muhlach doon sa nagsabi ng as$h*le!  Sabi kasi ni Aga (sa post), huwag siyang hintaying magalit kaya rin daw niyang magsalita,” Ogie said about Aga.

The comedian-talent manager, however, said that he does not know if the post of Lea was for Aga and vice versa. On the other hand, Tita Jegs encouraged Ogie to reveal what his source has said.

Mayroon akong nakausap na isang source na yes, napikon daw si Aga Muhlach doon sa sinabi ni Lea,” Ogie revealed. He added that it appeared that Lea also based her post on the “pakikiramay” post of Aga.

Another source of Ogie said that Lea should have prevented herself from saying that because Raymund’s family are his friends in the entertainment industry.

Then, Ogie shared this post from his source: “Magsabi siya ng opinyon niya nang maayos. Hindi mabubuhay ng opinyon niya si Raymund! Ang perfect naman ni Lea mag-comment?  Ano bang naitulong niya kay Raymund kumpara sa naitulong ni Aga?”

As of this writing, Lea Salonga and Aga Muhlach haven’t released their statement yet regarding this issue.

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