China Plans To Ban Foreigners, Feminine Men From Chinese Showbiz

China Plans To Ban Foreigners From Working In Chinese Showbiz

CHINA FOREIGNER BAN – The government of China said that it plans to ban foreigners from working in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Additionally, the government also wanted to ban effeminate men on TV in a bid to promote a “revolutionary culture”. This stemmed from Chinese President Xi Jingping calling for a “national rejuvenation”.

Furthermore, this so called “rejuvenation” also included cutting down children’s access to online games. Furthermore, the government also wants to get rid of a “unhealthy” attention to celebrities.

China Plans To Ban Foreigners, Feminine Men From Chinese Showbiz

However, celebrities who had long connections to China were shocked by the new plans. Among these celebrities include Liu Yifei who starred in Mulan. Currently, Yifei has a U.S. citizenship. But, she was born in Wuhan, China.

It could be recalled that Liu Yifei posted on social media her support for Hong Kong police during democratic protests in 2019. But, even with her attempt to tow a party line, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still included her amongst the “soon-to-be-exiled” celebrities.

According to an official, foreign entertainers may find in difficult to be in the Chinese stage again in the future. Moreover, it would also be harder to receive the same high-paying talent fees as before.

For the longest time, China’s take on the entertainment industry, especially Western entertainment, has left many with questions. Back in 2016, a Ukrainian actor named Yegor Shyshov worked in China for over 6 years. He said that the pay for his job was good. But, he stated that sometimes his work leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

Based on an article from Global times, he stated:

According to my observation, more often than not, whether in TV series or entertainment shows, there are certain stereotypes being imposed on foreign characters…

The foreigner is supposed to be like a monkey on TV. We have to act excited over every little thing, pretend that we don’t understand anything about China, and act in an exaggerated way

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