Social Media Influencer Senyora Airs Dismay Over Her “Baliktad” Billboard

Social Media Influencer Senyora Expressed Disappointment Over Her “Baliktad” Billboard Along EDSA

The social media influencer Senyora has expressed her disappointment over her ‘Baliktad’ billboard along EDSA.

The internet celebrity “Senyora” has shared the photos of her billboard along EDSA, which is installed on reverse. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the photos, it can be seen that Senyora’s billboard has been installed in the opposite direction. The billboard is one of the influencer’s endorsement for the beauty product Brilliant Skin gel cream.

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The billboard has been installed at a building along EDSA near Makati. A lot of passersby notice the photo and immediately reported it to the lady public figure, which makes her mad of what she have discovered.

Senyora seems to be got pissed after learning that her billboard was reversely installed. Based on the lady celebrity’s post, a certain Miss Glenda is the responsible for the incident and called it as “Sabotage”.

In another post, Senyora is looking for the workers who installed the billboard and offered a reward for anyone who could locate them.

Social Media Influencer Social Media Influencer

Here is the full post:

“WALANG GOOD MORNING!!!! TOTOO NGA ANG CHISMIS KAGABI!!! SABOTAGEEE!!! ANG AGA KO GUMISING KANINA PARA DAANAN YAN!! Binago nga yung billboard, dinogshow mo naman! Bat nakatiwarik yan!?

May inggit ka ba talaga sakin? Simula ngayon wag mo na ako matawag-tawag na kumare Miss Glenda hanggat di binabaliktad yan. Sabotahera!!! #FO!!!!!”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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