Paolo Contis Girlfriends: Who Are The Women In The Actor’s Life?

Meet Paolo Contis girlfriends, the women he dated in the past.

PAOLO CONTIS GIRLFRIENDS – Meet the women in the life of famous actor Paolo Contis with whom he got into a relationship.

Currently, actor Paolo Contis is the man of the hour. His partner for over five years LJ Reyes confirmed their split and revealed her silent battles just to save their relationship and keep their family intact. However, he started losing his passion for them, his family. It started last year that LJ has noticed the cold treatment and indifference from him.

She tried but he has let go of them already and he refused in taking them back. He is, at this time, under hot waters because of his alleged affair with Yen Santos, his leading lady in A Faraway Land.

With all these issues going around online, here’s a look back on his past relationships:

Check out:

  • Carol Banawa – Their relationship ended with a mutual consent. Accordingly, they were too young then and he was the one who actually broke it off with her.
  • Desiree Del Valle – Their split was because of the actress moving to the United States and not because of his lesbian relationship. He is her first showbiz boyfriend and her love team in the iconic teen drama Tabing Ilog.
  • Nancy Castiglione – There were rumors befre that he was a battered boyfriend while he’s with the former actress but he denied this. Many years after their split, she told him to take of his daughters with Lian Paz, and offered to answer any of his questions and share her stories if it’s about babies or parenting.
  • Isabel Oli – The actress is married to John Prats. During their relationship, there were rumors that they are living together already but the actor denied this. That time, he was building his own house and clarified that the actress was with her parents. There was a time that they got engaged but she returned the ring to him three weeks after because she felt like they were not fine. They were on the rocks and she can’t marry him in that state.
  • Lian Paz – She’s a former EB Babe dancer and he married her. They have two daughters who are with her. She is currently in a steady and a happy relationship with a businessman. They got married in 2009 but it didn’t work out. Just like LJ, she also tried to save their marriage but he was decided already to end it. Their marriage is still on the process of being annulled.


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