Jamill Mansion For Sale? This Is The Alleged Selling Price

Viral online is the Jamill mansion being up for sale after they deleted their Youtube channel.

JAMILL MANSION – The huge house of couple vlogger Jamill has been put on sale and according to a netizen, this is the alleged selling price.

In a previous article, Jamill left people abuzz following their announcement of deleting their channel. It was accordingly a mutual decision and this is something they can do to save their relationship. All the pressures, demands, and expectations they got online have taken their toll on how they see themselves being in that relationship.


Jamill is short for Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad, one of the most followed, top-vloggers, and the top earners when it comes to doing vlogs. Their videos include challenges, pranks, life updates, and their daily random activities together.

Previously reported are their house and car being up for sale. They have three cars and the Jeep Wrangler now has a new owner after it has been told on Facebook that it’s sold already. People have speculations that their decision to delete their channel has something to do with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) announcement where vloggers must face their tax obligations.

The mansion of Jamill has two storeys with a swimming pool which was built after acquiring the lot just beside their house. They also made some extensions and added to their investments are two more cars and a milk tea business. On social media, a post says that the house is still up for sale.

Jamill House

The house is located in Nueva Ecija standing in a secured subdivision, fully furnished, well-maintained, has numerous bedrooms and comfort rooms, a spacious parking area, garden, balcony, and facing a great view of the sun. Based on one netizen, the house’s selling price is at Php 28 million and there will be Php 100,000.00 commission to those who can find a sure buyer.

Jamill Mansion


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