Pinay Maid Receives Brand New Phone & Bundle of Cash From Kind Employer

Pinay Maid Received Bundle of Cash From Kind Employer Before Returning to Philippines

A Pinay maid n Malaysia received a brand new cellphone and a bundle of cash from her kind-hearted employer.

The Facebook page “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” has shared the video footage of a Filipina Nanny in Malaysia who received a huge amount of cash and cellphone from employer. The video earned various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the Pinay OFW named Maria Teresa Campos is flexing the bundle of cash given by her kind-hearted employer from Malaysia. The two have a heartbreaking at the airport before the migrant worker’s flight.

Pinay Maid

The 43-year-old OFW bursts into tears while bidding goodbye to her employer. She is not expecting to receive money from her employer before they part way. The kind Singaporean lady also forget Maria’s debt.

The Pinay domestic helper revealed that her employer Ismaniza did not treat her as a maid but as a family member.

“Sobrang mabigat sa kalooban ‘yung tumalikod ka na, tinatawag ka pa. Na-feel ko talaga ‘yung pagmamahal sa akin ng amo ko. Hindi nila ako tini-treat bilang isang katulong. Tinrato nila akong parang pamilya,” Campos said.

Initially, the foreign employer wrote on her post that Maria was not their first choice but she is the only available maid during that time. She was fierce at first but discovered that the Pinay OFW has a good personality.

The employer has also expressed her gratefulness towards the helper for taking care of her and her family.

“She is perfect, Every day, she changes my son’s clothes. She cleans the house thrice a day. She really does a great job of taking care of the kids and the house,” Ismaniza said.

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