Young Man Bursts Into Tears After Traveling 236km But Crush Rejects Him

A young man traveled about 236 kilometers to meet the woman he met in an online game but got rejected.

A teenage boy bursts into tears after getting rejected by a woman he met on an online game. He traveled 236 kilometer to meet her in Kota Padang Panjang, West Sumatra in Indonesia but ended up getting busted.

The guy cried outside a shop and the crowd starts to gather around him as he cried his heart out. The crowd was shocked that the boy traveled hundreds of kilometers just to meet the woman.

Young Man

The young guy was really hurt after the lady rejected him during their meetup and even called him a bad guy. He also feels bad because the woman did not even appreciate his efforts to visit her.

The passersby in the area tried to comfort and offered encouragement to the brokenhearted boy. The concerned citizens told him that there many girls out there and it’s not the end of the world.

Other people even offered him a drink to forget his problems and struggles and some offered to accompany him for a long drive back home. The netizens assumed that the boy made a quick decision to meet the girl although he is not sure that the woman is excited to meet him.

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Young Man

The video has been uploaded an Instagram user named “fakta.indo”.

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