John Lloyd on his break: ‘I got tired fighting the content that I want to see’

John Lloyd Cruz opens up about the evolution he wants as an actor

A-list actor John Lloyd Cruz said that he wanted to provide new content to his audience but he felt that it was not happening.

Lloydie somehow took his break from the mainstream media but he still continued doing small projects. When asked about this decision, he said that he felt crowded at that time. This is what he said in a recent podcast of Karen Davila, based on the article in PEP.

john lloyd cruz
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“Akala mo parang, yeah, you had it all figured out. Pero biglang may mangyayari sa ‘yo and then you realize na, ‘Hindi na ako iyon, a,’” the A-list actor said.

He decided to take a step back. Then, he revealed that he wanted to do something but wasn’t able to do so. “I guess I got tired fighting the content that I want to see on a more commercial platform, di ba?” John Lloyd Cruz said.

The actor added that he thinks that he owes this to his audience. He wants them to see something new and not just repetitive content.

john lloyd cruz
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“As much as nagma-mature kami or we are growing as performers, siyempre you want to take your audience with you, di ba?” Lloydie stressed.

He also said that being burned out was also an additional factor. However, the reality was he was “evolving”.

I guess, and it was too complex for me to understand or comprehend. And calling it burnout would somehow… I would feel, somehow, parang nare-reduce into that. Kasi it was a combination of so many issues, e,” the A-list actor explained.

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