Miss World PH 2021: Iloilo’s La Paz Batchoy Dress For Pageant Goes Viral

Miss World PH 2021: Iloilo Candidate’s NatCos Takes Inspiration From La Paz Batchoy

MISS WORLD PH 2021 – Iloilo City candidate Ann Palmares shared photos of her in her “original La Paz Batchoy” costume for Miss World Philippines 2021

Every nation has an event they look forward to just like the World Cup or the Super Bowl. But in the Philippines, Pinoys look forward to one particular event, the international pageant competitions.

Whenever it’s pageant season, almost every Pinoy is glued to their tv screens to witness every round of the competition. One of their favorite segments is the National Costume or NatCos competition.

Photo Source: Pageant Circle

Filipinos look forward to this segment because it is full of variety and surprise. Candidates showcase their personalities and lavish cultural portraits. It also serves as a moment for the ladies to break away from the façade if they want to.

Recently, the NatCos of one of Miss World Philippines went viral on social media. Iloilo City candidate Ann Palmares’ national costume took inspiration from her city’s La Paz Batchoy.

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Photo Source: @annpalmaresss IG

On Facebook, Ann Palmares shared a series of photos wearing the masterpiece featuring some of Batchoy ingredients including eggs, meat, soy sauce, and noodles. Her NatCos was designed by Paul Jerome Blas Pinuela.

Palmares’ costume features realistic models. She used each of the dish’s ingredients to describe her costume. She said it showed how Iloggos were in everyday life.

“The simple broth’s taste depicts the Ilonggos as the friendliest people in the country, warm and welcoming, gentle and soft-spoken, who would go out of their way to make perfect strangers feel at home.

“The beef and pork loin, pork offal, crushed pork cracklings, and chicken stocks are fusion of Ilonggo taste buds influence by Spaniards, while the condiments were from the prehispanic traders.

“The round noodles are Ilonggo’s close family ties, firm and strong.

“Finally, to complete the ingredients, a touch of love, since this delicious delicacy was originated from La Paz district in the City of Love, my City, Iloilo City.

“A bowl of a delicious LaPaz Batchoy is not only a mirienda but also the journey of Ilonggo influences from the past to the present moulding them into creative, practical, fun loving and God fearing persons, truly a treat of Ilonggo’ s trait, identity and heritage.

Here are the photos:

Photo Source: @annapplemares FB
Photo Source: @annapplemares FB
Photo Source: @annapplemares FB

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