Lovi Poe Gets Asked If Her Boyfriend Monty Blencowe Is “The One”

Lovi Poe received this question about her love life

Actress-singer Lovi Poe has this answer when she was asked if her British boyfriend Monty Blencowe is “the one”.

Lovi and Monty have been together for three years now and although they have a long-distance relationship, they were able to make it work. In a previous article, the actress-singer said that she is thankful that her boyfriend who is also a film producer understands the nature of her career

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In a recent interview, based on the article in Bandera, Lovi was asked if she feels that Monty is the one for her. “Well, you know, ang hirap sabihin but you know, he’s great and I hope, I hope… yeah, hopefully,” she answered.

Lovi Poe admitted that LDR is very hard and very challenging especially that they are in a different time zone. The actress shared that they communicate every morning and probably this is the reason why her body is trained to wake up early.

In another interview, Lovi shared that when she and Monty are together, they always make sure that they make the most of their time together.


The moment I set foot sa airport (LAX) for my flight home, we always remind each other, ‘Okay, work really hard, do your best in your work.’ Until we see each other again although we don’t know when, maybe in a few months or longer,” she shared.

When asked if she is ready to settle down, Lovi Poe said that she has no target age of getting married. She added when it is the right time to tie the knot, she will feel it.
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