India Records Over 45, 000 Cases of Black Fungus Striking Patients Who Recovered from COVID-19

India’s health minister announced that they have recorded over 45, 000 cases of Black Fungus, which strikes patients who recovered from COVID-19.

India junior health minister Bharati Pravin Pawa reported that more than 45,000 cases of the deadly “black fungus” have been recorded over the past two months. Pawa also said that the fungus has already killed about 4,200 individuals.

The black fungus or scientifically known as mucormycosis is considered as a very rare disease but it suddenly shoots up amid the coronavirus pandemic. The highly aggressive disease is usually striking patients who recovered from the coronavirus disease.

Black Fungus

The medical experts were forced to remove the eyes, nose and even jaws of the infected patients to stop the fungus from spreading throughout the brain, which may cause serious health condition. The country announced that the death rate is over 50 percent.

Over the past few years, India usually recorded an average of 20 cases of the aggressive illness annually. The individuals who have severely compromised immunity were the most victims of the disease.

Residents who have high blood sugar levels, HIV or organ transplant recipients were at risk. The Indian government has already declares the fungus as an ‘epidemic’ last May 2021 and the experts are suspecting the use of steroid for the increase.

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Black Fungus

A lot of people flooded the social media with desperate pleas for medicines to treat the fungus.

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