Lovi Poe Reveals Effect of Relationship Dynamics w/ BF On Her Career

Lovi Poe shared this aspect of her love life

Actress-singer Lovi Poe revealed the effect of her relationship dynamics with her U.S.-based boyfriend Monty Blencowe on her showbiz career.

Lovi’s boyfriend is a medical scientists and film producer who is based in the States. The actress would sometimes go to the U.S. to spend time with Monty but since her work is in the Philippines, they had to work on their long-distance relationship.

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Being an actress sometimes requires Lovi to do intimate scenes with her leading man. Based on the article in Inquirer Entertainment, Monty understands this side of his girlfriend’s job. The actress said that she does not need to ask permission from her boyfriend regarding intimate scenes.

“I don’t really need to. He’s very relaxed and easygoing about it. There was a time in the past year when I had to shoot ‘The Annulment,’ ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede,’ and ‘Malaya’ one after another. And because we’re in a long-distance relationship, I teased him that I had kissed my leading men more times than I have kissed him,” Lovi Poe shared.

She added that her boyfriend is “secure enough not to care”. As Monty is also involved in the entertainment industry, he knows that Lovi is just acting in front of the camera.


The actress also said that she is thankful that her boyfriend let her do what she wants to do when it comes to her showbiz career.

Because I can’t be with someone who dictates to me or tells me what to do or not to do. Because he works in this field, too—although he does more science—he knows how things are. No questions asked. I’m happy about that,” Lovi Poe shared. With her relationship dynamics with her boyfriend, her career does not suffer.  

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