Young Woman Ran Amok After Boyfriend Refused to Buy Her Clothes Worth $275

Young Woman Slams Boyfriend For Refusing to Buy Her Clothes and Shoes Worth $275

A young woman quarreled with her boyfriend after refusing to buy her clothes and shoes worth $275 at a shopping mall.

Nowadays, most people are hesitating to buy expensive clothes due to the current health crisis, which makes the life of people much difficult. Some people are also shy to ask someone to buy them expensive items.

A Chinese woman ran amok after her boyfriend allegedly refused to pay $275 for the clothes and shoes she picked up from a store in mall. The lady even shouted and chased her partner while forcing him to return at the shop.

Young Woman

The guy is doing his best to run away from the shop since he had no intention of paying for the expensive products but his girlfriend kept pulling back to the store. The woman even took her boyfriend’s shirt off.

The man walked shirtless while other shoppers are staring at him but the woman seems to be pulling his pants too.

Young Woman

However, it is unclear what happened next but some netizens concluded that the couple would breakup due to the incident.

Young Woman

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