Toni Gonzaga Shares “Toni Talks” Guest That Made Great Impacts To Her

Who is the favorite guest of Toni Gonzaga in her “Toni Talks” show in YouTube?

TONI GONZAGA – Multimedia star Toni Gonzaga speaks about “Toni Talks” and shares who among her guests have made great impacts to her.

“Toni Talks” is a show Toni Gonzaga has launched in her Youtube channel which features guests from various walks of life uploaded every Sunday. Among her notable guests were her parents, her husband Paul Soriano, broadcaster Raffy Tulfo, Joy Mendoza, Ivana Alawi, her sister Alex Gonzaga and her husband Mikee Morada, doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, and many others.

Every episode of her show has always a lesson and realization to ponder and talking about the people she has featured and listened to, the one she considers as her favorite and who made great impacts to her is Bo Sanchez. He is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and Catholic lay preacher and minister.

Opening up in the Youtube show of fellow vlogger Wil Dasovich, with every guests she talks to, she shared that there should be universal lesson in each talk and that is what they aim all the time. Every episode has specific intentions and message that she and her staff would want to convey. All of her guests are her favorite but it was Bo Sanchez who left a great impact to her.

What they have talked in their conversation is something she had needed to hear and it is about the “surrender place” and surrendering everything to God. Being the controlling and workaholic type of a person that she is, she believed that what they have conversed about is something she actually needed to immerse into. She realized from that talk that there’s so much power in surrendering it all to God.

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