People online remembered this incident and blamed Aljur Abrenica because it happened to Kylie Padilla.

ALJUR ABRENICA – People online recalled “Encantadia” days where Kylie Padilla has to leave the series because she is pregnant with her child with Aljur Abrenica.

Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica have gone through a marital problem just like what happens to most couples who are married. But Kylie’s action star-father Robin Padilla revealed that the reason behind their separation is a third party and it was the actress who called it quits. As a father, he knows his limitations and would only intrude in the situation if Aljur happens to physically hurt his daughter and treat her unfairly.

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“Nerisa” herself Cindy Miranda denied that she is the third party when people started to accuse her. She is the leading lady of the actor in the said film where they did a handful of daring scenes. And his management, during the press conference of the movie, warned the media people to refrain from asking personal questions from him because it will not be catered as per a previous article.

And now, such cheating being out in the public, people recalled what happened way back in 2016. Kylie was among the leading characters in the reboot of “Encantadia” but has to leave the show because she got pregnant with her child with the actor. She played the role of “Amihan” and the role was killed by “Hagorn”.

Check out the blames people threw against Aljur as they recalled what happened to Kylie’s character in Encantadia:

i remember encantadia had to kill amihan bcos kylie’s pregnant

We could have a better Encantadia.

It’s not Hagorn who ruined Amihan’s life in Encantadia, it’s Aljur.

I still can’t forget how Encantadia 2016’s story was heavily affected when Kylie Padilla got pregnant…

Kylie sacrificed her work.

THAT WAS A BIG SHOW AND SHE LEFT IT FOR YOU, only to cheat on her at the end?


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