Pinay Domestic Worker Gets Bruises & Scratches After Abused by Hong Kong Employer

Pinay Domestic Worker Successfully Escapes Abusive Employer in Hong Kong

A Pinay domestic worker suffered bruises and scratches after abused by her cruel employer in Hong Kong before she successfully escapes.

A Filipina domestic helper named Eden suffered maltreatment from the hands of her abusive employer for over a year. Her employer who is working as a teacher in Hong Kong allegedly hit her with a pan in various parts of her body.

Eden also revealed that her cruel employer usually slaps, kicks and scratching her. The cruel lady has been abusing her for over a year but never reported it in fear that their employment visas will be canceled.

Pinay Domestic Worker

“She slapped my face about 15 times. She took the… and hit my thighs daily and about five times. I fell to the floor, she kicked my legs and threatened to kill me. This scared me a lot,” Eden said.

The Pinay OFW was able to escape from the hands of the rude employer last May 13, 2021 who took her mobile phone so she could not contact anyone.

The helpless migrant worker was forced to work from 5:30 am in the morning until midnight with no day off. She even experienced to eat congee with dishwashing liquid after the child she was babysitting failed to finish it.

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Pinay Domestic Worker

The United Filipinos in Hong Kong said that a lot of OFWs were unable to take a rest day since the COVID-19 pandemic. OFWs were not allowed to go out during their rest day but its okay if they would go to the market to do employer’s grocery.

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