Father To 94 Children Dies – World’s Largest Family Suffers Loss

Father To 94 Children Dies At Age 76 In India

FATHER TO 94 DIES – The father to 94-children, Ziona Chana has died at the age of 76-years-old.

Chana was known as the head of the religious sect “Chana Pawl”. Here, male members can choose to be polygamous. Although controversial, the sect has become somewhat of an attraction, especially for tourists.

Chana’s massive family, which included 33 grandchildren, one great-grandchild, 14- daughter-in-laws, and 94 children, all live in the same estate. As such, they are thought to be the world’s largest family.

Father To 94 Children Dies – World's Largest Family Suffers Loss

The family lived in a four storey estate with over 100 rooms in the Baktawng Tiangnuam village in Mizoram, India. Meanwhile, following the deaths of Chana, the region’s chief minister sent his condolences saying:

With heavy heart, #Mizoram bid farewell to Mr. Zion-a (76), believed to head the world’s largest family, with 38 wives and 89 children. Mizoram and his village at Baktawng Tlangnuam has become a major tourist attraction in the state because of the family. Rest in Peace Sir!

According to reports, Chana suffered from diabetes and hypertension. As such, he became ill at home with his condition deteriorating. Furthermore, the family tried to take him to the hospital but sadly, his illness worsened leading to his death.

During an earlier interview, Chana said that he “feels like God’s special child”. He claims that God had given him “so many people to look after”. “I consider myself a lucky man to be the husband of 39 women and head of the largest family.”, said Chana.

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