Man Steals Fire Truck, Says God Made Him Do It During Interview

Man Viral After He Steals Fire Truck And Gets Interviewed

MAN STEALS FIRE TRUCK – A man from Alabama went viral not for stealing a fire truck, but for his interview afterward.

Eccentric people can be seen throughout the world. However, you could sometimes see this trait in the most peculiar of situations. Meet Jeffrey McCants Jr. – a man arrested for attempting to steal a fire truck.

But, to his defense, McCants Jr had an interesting reason as to why he did it – God. Furthermore, not only did he say that his actions were due to divine intervention, he also announced that he’d be running for mayor.

Man Steals Fire Truck, Says God Made Him Do It During Interview

Afterward, he flirted with the TV reporters and that he stole the truck to get fuel for his own car. During the interview, McCants said:

I took it because God told me too and guess what? God help me do everything. I steal everything. I’ll steal ya heart, baby.

Hello! My name is Jeffrey McCants and I’m running for mayor of Mobile, Alabama, baby!

Moreover, he emphasized that God helps him out with everything, the good and the bad, even when running away from police. Unfortunately, he told the interviewers that this time, God didn’t help him get away from the cops.

Here is the incredible interview:

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