Pacquiao Angry At Brownouts In Luzon, Slams Energy Sec.

Pacquiao Angry At Brownouts, Broken Promises Of Energy Secretary

PACQUIAO ANGRY AT BROWNOUTS – Senator Manny Pacquiao expressed his dismay during the recent congressional hearings.

Recently, Luzon has been experiencing many power outages, an ongoing issue in the region. Ever since, promises had been made to fix the issue. However, it still persists up till now.

This series of broken promises irked Pacquiao as the outages continue to affect the livelihood of many of Luzon’s residents. As such, he voiced out his frustrations and slammed Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi.

Pacquiao Angry At Brownouts In Luzon, Slams Energy Sec.
Image from: Inquirer

Earlier, Cusi assured the Senate that there would be no power crisis in the Philippines. But, with the recent events in Luzon, Pacquiao felt like that was not the case. According to an article from Inquirer, Pacquiao stated:

Sa totoo lang, napupuno talaga  ako. Ayaw ko ‘yung mag-uusap tayo dito tapos pagkatapos ng hearing, lilipas na lang ‘yung  taon, ilang taong lumipas ‘yung pinag-usapan na solution hindi man lang ginagawa

Eh kaya walang nangyayaring resultang maganda dahil walang ginagawa eh. Puro pag-uusap lang ng problema. ‘Yan ang poblema talaga natin

Similarly, Senator Koko Pimentel III suggested to conduct another hearing so congress could be more “investigative in nature”. Furthermore, he emphasized that the next hearing would have more direct questions that require specific and accurate answers.

Back in 2016, Cusi assured the Senate that a power crisis would not hit the Philippines despite the circulating power outages across Luzon. Moreover, the issues that persisted in 2016 including “leakages in boilers, defective parts, and low water levels of hydroelectric power plants” still remain up till now.

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