Kris Aquino Shares What Bimby Did After Their “Tampuhan”

Here’s what Bimy did for Kris Aquino following their small “tampuhan”.

KRIS AQUINO – In one of their rare “tampuhans”, Kris Aquino revealed what her son Bimby did for her to say sorry for hurting her feelings.

Just like in hosting, Kris Aquino is also like no other when it comes to being a mother. She is loved and admired for her strength and unconditional love for her two sons Josh and Bimby and how she raised them. As much as people all know, Josh is her son with action star Philip Salvador and Bimby is her son with professional basketball player James Yap.

To recall, in a previous article, she decided in rage to limit her sons’ presence on social media from now to avoid them from being bashed and criticized because of her. She said that she will share them with the public only when there are special events and occasions. And just recently, in a “rare” circumstance where she and her son Bimby have apparently had this small “tampuhan”, she shared what her son has sweetly done for her and to make up for hurting her feelings.

Bimby sent her a bouquet of roses in her favorite shade of pink and she hopes that they may inspire the people to do the same, not as grand as what her son did, but to be thoughtful and taking responsibility for what has been done. She said, “Cute kasi he told me he spent his own money BUT he said ayaw nyang makatulog ako without him saying sorry for hurting my feelings and that he loves me so much and he knows how blessed he is to have me as his mama.”

But the core thought of her post is inspiring people to appreciate their love and affection for the people around them when there’s still a chance. She also shared that her eldest always texts her “i love you so much mama” before sleeping. She added, “Effort is always appreciated and expressions of love really matter so much especially from people you value.”


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