Cebu City Council Urges Establishments to Provide Lounge for Delivery Riders

Cebu City Council Pleads Business Establishments in Town to Provide Lounge for Delivery Riders

Cebu City Council has approved a resolution urging the establishments in the town to provide lounge for the delivery riders.

Councilor Joel Garganera, the resolution’s author wants malls, food enterprises, and other businesses to provide exclusive lounges for food delivery workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The resolution states that lounge must have disinfection area with chairs, tables, water dispensers and charging stations. It must also strictly follow the health protocols for the safety of the delivery employees.

Cebu City Council

Garganera said that establishments should treat the riders as partners in business for helping them to serve customers and earn profits. The delivery employees also gives comfort to people who don’t want to get out of their homes amdi health crisis.

 “These delivery personnel aids in maintaining the maximum capacity of establishments by encouraging people to stay at home and order at their own convenience in the comfort of their homes,” Garganera said.

The politician is hoping that the business establishments in Cebu City would comply with the resolution to give comfort to the delivery workers who were working hard just to serve the customers.

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Cebu City Council

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