Former Drug Dealer Now Lawyer Sworn In By Judge Who Sentenced Him

Former Drug Dealer Becomes Lawyer After Judge Challenged Him To “Change His Life”

FORMER DRUG DEALER, NOW LAWYER – Second chances don’t come often, but when it does, sometimes the best thing to do is take the opportunity.

A man named Ed Martell, from Inkster, Michigan used to be a drug dealer. Sixteen years ago, he stood in from of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge, Bruce Morrow. But, instead of running through the sentence, Morrow had a challenge for Martell. He challenged him to “change his life”.

Former Drug Dealer Now Lawyer Sworn In By Judge Who Sentenced Him

As such, instead of sentencing him with jail time, he only gave him three years of probation. But, the only thing that he wanted in return was for the man to change his ways.

Now, that kind act gave him enough inspiration to turn his life around and eventually it led him to pursue law. After passing the bar, Morrow got sworn in as an attorney by the same Judge who inspired him.

According to an article from Fox 13, Martell said:

I fell victim to my environment, I guess I could say, and then it became a trend. I started hanging around with the wrong crowd, I got intertwined with the drug culture

Martell said that Judge Morrow challenged him to “become a CEO of a Fortune 500 company instead of being out selling drugs”. From there, Martell went back to study at Wayne County Community College.

Afterward, he got a scholarship to law school at the University of Detroit-Mercy. Although past convictions make it hard to be qualified as a lawyer, the State Bar of Michigan allowed him to pursue his new-found passion after he retold his story.

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