Workers Filed Complaint vs Rude Employer for Paying Cash Bonds in Cents

Workers Aid Dismay After Rude Employer Pays Their Cash Bonds in Sacks of Cents

Several workers have expressed their complaints against their rude employer for paying their cash bonds in cents.

A Facebook user named Eduardo Fuerte Marin has shared the photos of sacks containing 10 and 25 cents as the payment of employer to its workers who resigned from work. The post garnered various reactions online.

Marin urged the company Building Resources Inc. to treat their employees properly. The workers properly performed their jobs for many years they also deserve respect and proper treatment.

Rude Employer

Eduardo said that the cruel employer paid its employees who resigned from job with sacks of coins as cash bond. The employees complied with the company’s requirements such as resignation letter and clearance.

The workers also went to Department of Labor and Employment to report the incident. The poor employees expressed their disappointment over their P7, 000 cash bond, which was paid in cents.

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Rude Employer Rude Employer

The social media users criticized the heartless employer for his act of cruelty towards workers and expressed their reactions to the post. Here are some of the comments:

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