Rider Goes Viral After He Risk His Life Just to Propose to His Girlfriend

Rider Almost Risk His Life Just to Propose to His Girlfriend on a Unique Way

A unique way of a rider to propose to his girlfriend goes viral online after he nearly risk his life just to get the sweet yes of his partner.

Most men nowadays use a variety of techniques and methods to propose to their girlfriend in a romantic or special way. Some wedding proposals are charming, while others are so bizarre that women can’t believe their partners would go to such lengths to be with them forever.

Rider Risk Life Propose

A video of a motorcycle rider’s unusual and dangerous proposal has gone viral on Facebook, driving netizens as well as his girlfriend insane. No one could have predicted that a motorcycle accident would result in a wedding proposal in the video.

The rider was simply riding his motorcycle when he unexpectedly fell from it when turning a road curve. He lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a canal alongside the road.

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You’ll feel sorry for the rider after the first minute of the video because the impact from the crash was so serious. However, he later removes his helmet when her concerned girlfriend approaches him to check about his well-being.

He takes out a ring and proposes to his girlfriend after a few minutes. His girlfriend, like the other riders in the area – with the exception of the involved – was shocked that he risked his life just to get his lady partner’s yes.

Rider Risk Life Propose

The stunning wedding proposal video has gone viral on social media, eliciting a variety of responses from the online community. Others scorn his audacity, although others admire his attempt to propose.


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