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Beluga Whale Accused Of Being Russian Spy Looking For Sanctuary

BELUGA WHALE – A Beluga whale named “Hvaldimir” is seeking refuge after getting accused of being a Russian spy.

Firstly, why would a Beluga whale even be considered as a Russian spy? Studies have shown that Belugas, much like dolphins and orcas, have high intelligence. As such, they can easily be trained.

Additionally, espionage using animals had long been hinted on in some countries. Likewise, the US Military even noted that North Korea might be militarizing dolphins.

Beluga Accused Of Being Russian Spy Seeks Sanctuary From Prosecution

However, what led authorities to believe that Hvaldimir was a spy for Russia? According to an article from Unilad, the Beluga whale was initially found equipped with a harness, camera mount, and clips reading “Equipment St. Petersburg”.

Since then, the aquatic mammal’s origins have long been investigated. Hvaldimir was found back in April 2019. But, investigators have yet to determine its origins.

Meanwhile, the name Hvaldimir was taken from the Norwegian word for whale “hval”, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Luckily, people in Norway are now looking to find Hvaldimir a sanctuary where he can feed and roam without persecution.

For the meantime, Norwegian’s authorities and intelligence agencies believe that the “whale is likely to have been part of a Russian research program“. Still, nothing is confirmed regarding the origins of the Beluga whale.

Luckily, thanks to conservationists, a sanctuary is being pursued for Hvaldimir. The OneWhale Charity advocated for a fjord – a long narrow waterway to be sealed off just for the Beluga. Furthermore, they dubbed it as an “enormous, open-water marine wildlife reserve”.

Thankfully, the government was also on board with the idea. However, progress is slow. For now, Hvaldimir remains a free roaming Beluga that only occasionally relies on the local’s support.

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