Vicki Belo Calls Andrea Brillantes “Adik” on Her Latest Video

Celebrity Dermatologist Vicki Belo to Andrea Brillantes During Viral Interview “Adik to”

The celebrity doctor Vicki Belo called the young Pinay actress Andrea Brillantes as “Adik” on her latest video.

Recently, Dr. Vicki Belo has released her latest vlog featuring the 18-year-old actress Andrea Brillantes. The video buzzed the online community after Belo called Andrea as “Adik” during viral interviews.

Belo featured Brillantes on her recent vlog and asked several things about her life. The discussion started about the origin of her name “Blythe,” which leads to various topics including her hair.

Vicki Belo

The “Huwag kang mangamba” star also revealed that she cuts her hair after bleach damaged it as she tried to imitate Black Pink Jennie’s hairstyle during the quarantine period. The young woman revealed that she is not a bad “pasaway”.

“Yung pagiging pasaway ko po hindi sa pagiging lakwatsera, may bisyo, yun din sinabi ko kay Mama, ‘At least nagpagupit lang ako’ yung parang sa sarili ko lang na gusto.” Brillantes said. Belo respond “Adik ‘to.”

The actress clarified that she is only addicted to chocolate. Belo also revealed that they have similarities because she is also eating chocolate even after brushing her teeth.

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