Kris Aquino Reveals These Things About James Yap, Herbert Bautista

Kris Aquino talked about her past relationships

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino revealed these things about her ex-husband James Yap and her past relationship with Herbert Bautista.

In a recent vlog that Kris with her son Bimby that she shared on her social media accounts, that was sort of a talk show, she made revelations about the men she loved before.

kris aquino
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Bimby, Kris’s son with James, asked her this question: “What did you think when you married my dad?”

The actress-host said that what happened with her and James was that she let her leap of faith worked. “You know, because maybe I had that hang-up because the first two serious relationships, they… the dad of your kuya was not yet annulled, and the next one was also not annulled,” she shared.

She also revealed the reason why James was special back then. “I was impressed kasi he did not wait for me to hear about it from other people or read about it in the tabloids. In fairness, at the time, (he had balls),” Kris Aquino said.

Kris Aquino

She added that at that time, she really wanted to settle down because she was already 34 years old. Kris thought it would work and she wanted it to work despite the fact that she and James came from very different worlds.

“Actually, siguro, that should’ve been the warning because your dad had said I was his childhood crush. So never go out with someone who tells you ikaw ‘yung childhood crush,” she added.

In spite of what happened between her and James, Kris said that she is grateful because that became a way for her to have Bimby.

Herbert bautista
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When it comes to her relationship with Herbert Bautista, Kris Aquino said that she liked him because “he was intelligent enough to notice the boundaries”.Parang he didn’t try to be my dad. And he knew that nothing will break us. Because like we’re titanium. I think he’s a good guy,” she said.

When Bimby asked if she was contented with her relationship with Herbert, Kris said “no”. She said that she is saying this now but pointed out that they had happy times.

He has never been married, so I don’t think that would work,” she said adding that their relationship lasted that long because they know when to come in and when to get out.

Kris Aquino also stressed that she and Herbert Bautista really became friends and she misses that friendship.

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