Israel Government Lifts Order To Citizens To Wear Face Mask Outdoors

Israel Government Makes Changes on Protocols Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

ISRAEL GOVERNMENT – Israelis are now longer required to wear a face mask when going outdoors as the government has lifted the order.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still the biggest trial that a lot of nations are facing now. Many countries are facing another surge of the disease following the detection of new variants of this coronavirus. Several healthcare systems are suffering again.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has previously said that the pandemic may be a long-term fight. Over 200 nations and territories have confirmed cases of the said disease and it took several months for vaccines to be developed.

Meanwhile, many people and government now are looking towards the ray of sunshine in the form of the COVID-19 vaccines amid the pandemic. Vaccination drives are ongoing in different countries.

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Israel Government
Photo: NBC News

One of the leading countries in the vaccination of the citizens is Israel. It administered Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to its citizens. Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, around 81% of its citizens who are above 16 years old was already vaccinated with two (2) doses.

The mass vaccination has slowed down the spread of the disease in the country and reduced the hospitalizations. Based on the report, the Israel government even lifted the order to its citizens to wear a face mask when going outdoors.

After several months, the people in Israel can again walk outdoors even without a mask covering their faces. Meanwhile, it is still required indoors most especially in public establishments.

Furthermore, the Israel government continues to implement restrictions for foreigners in the country. Those Israelis who returned from abroad without getting a vaccine needs to do self-isolation. Based on the report, currently, there are seven (7) cases of new Indian variant of COVID-19 detected in Israel.

“We are leading the world right now when it comes to emerging from the coronavirus… (But) we have still not finished with the coronavirus. It can return,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

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