Bossa Nova Queen Sitti Reveals She Refused Dating Jon Hall Due To This

Here’s what Bossa Nova Queen Sitti shared about Jon Hall

Bossa Nova Queen Sitti revealed in her recent Instagram post that she refused to date Survivor Philippines alum Jon Hall because of this reason.

Sitti became a trending topic on social media just recently. It is because of the last name guessing game on Twitter that many netizens enjoyed. Previously, netizens shared their guesses on the surnames of single-named female singers like Soul Siren Nina, Soul Diva Jaya, and RnB singer Kayla.

bossa nova queen sitti
📷: @bossagurl IG

When the name of Sitti was featured on this guessing game on social media, she shared her reactions. The singer said that she was delighted that this made people happy.

She also thanked the netizen who initiated the guessing game that made her name trend on Twitter without her knowing about it.

After that, the Bossa Nova Queen revealed that there was a time when she was supposed to date Jon Hall. Based on her recent Instagram post, Sitti said that Dr. Mark Herbert Rosario, the husband of her good friend and fellow singer Princess Velasco wanted to set her up on a date with Jon.

jon hall
📷: imdb

“Naku, hindi kami pwede Bistek!” Sitti said to Dr. Herbert. The latter asked why and even pointed out the good qualities of the model.

Then, the singer revealed the reason why she did not want to date Jon Hall. “Hindi talaga pwede kasi kung sakaling magkatuluyan kami, MAGIGING SITTI HALL PANGALAN KO! Kaya hindi talaga pwede, Bistek! Hindi talaga!” she said.

Sitti added that now she can tell this story and that she posted it with the permission of her husband Joey Ramirez. The Bossa Nova Queen added that Jon Hall might had no idea that Dr. Herbert wanted to set them up.

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