Kristina Jalalon Seeks Tulfo’s Help Over Jio Jalalon’s Alleged “Pambababae”

Helpless Wife Kristina Jalalon Seeks Raffy Tulfo’s Help Over PBA Player Jio Jalalon’s Alleged Abusive Act and “Pambababae”

Kristina Jalalon sought the help of radio personality Raffy Tulfo over Jio Jalalon’s alleged “pambababae” and abusive actions against her.

Last week, the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) player Jiovani Nacawili “Jio” Jalalon or popularly known as Jio Jalalon becomes one of the most controversial personalities online over alleged abusive action and “pambababae”.

Jio’s wife Kristina Jalalon has shared the screenshots of her husband’s conversation with its other woman. She said that her husband is sweet to other girls while being lukewarm to her for some time.

Kristina Jalalon

Mrs. Jalalon is claiming that she suffered abuse from the hand of the PBA player. The poor wife also claimed that she experienced trauma due to the incident. She posted the evidence on her story to prove her claims.

Recently, the battered wife sought the help of Raffy Tulfo to file a case against her abusive and cheating husband. Tulfo tried to contact the athlete but the basketball player kept on rejecting the calls.

Kristina Jalalon

Kristina claimed that Jio’s other woman admitted her relationship with the athlete and it was recorded via ‘Chat’. The 28-year-old player and his mistress would face corresponding sanctions and penalties for their action.

Kristina Jalalon

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