Male Participant Passes Away in Taco Eating Contest, Family Sues Organizers

Male Participant Dies After Choking During Taco Eating Contest

A male participant passed away in a Taco eating contest and his family has decided to file charges against the organizers.

A man passed away during a taco-eating contest in California, USA after choking a few minutes in the middle of the competition. The contest has been help at the city of Fresno before the pandemic lockdown in August 2019.

Fresno Sports and Events LLC organized the competition and would give price to the contestant who would consume the biggest amount of tacos within a given period of time. A lawyer said that professional take care of their bodies to perform well for the contest.

Taco Eating Contest

“The conductors of this event should have made the risks known to the competitors and taken steps to protect them,” Marshall’s attorney, Martin Taleisnik said.

The 41-year-old Dana Hutchings was not informed of the dangers of the eating contest. Dana’s son Marshall also argued in a lawsuit filed last April 5, 2021. Marshall is now seeking monetary damages.

“Fresno Sports and Event, LCC, failed to fully inform decedent, Dana Hutchings, of every risk he was accepting when he agreed to enter the amateur taco-eating competition,” the lawsuit read.

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