Deaf-Mute Grandpa Offers Massage & Hair Cut Services to Earn Money

Inspiring Photo of Deaf-Mute Grandpa Offering Massage & Hair Cut Services Goes Viral Online

The inspiring photo of a deaf-mute grandpa offering massage and hair-cut services just to earn money earn praises from the netizens.

The Facebook page “Lpukids Ibike” has shared the inspiring photos of a hardworking deaf-mute grandpa offering massage and hair-cut services. The post garnered praises and admiration from the social media users.

In the photo, it can be seen that the elderly man is using his humble bicycle with a box attached at the front portion containing his equipment. The grandpa is not just like other typical citizens but he had disabilities.

Deaf-Mute Grandpa

The unnamed grandpa is deaf and mute but he continue to work hard just to earn money to support his financial necessities. He is roaming around Iloilo City offering massage and hair-cut services to the public.

The PWD man is offering his massage services for P100 while haircut costs P50. His love for his family gives him the strength to work despite his old age amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Here is the full post:

“Bow ako sa yo Lo”

Lolo is not your typical lolo. He is deaf and mute but his hard work is admirable.

He bikes around the city to offer massage for 100

And haircut for 50.


The netizens comments to the post:

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