Mario Maurer’s camp sent a demand letter to Kakai but not to Erich, Here’s why

Why it was only Kakai Bautista who received that demand letter from Mario Maurer?

The camp of Mario Maurer explained the demand letter that was sent to Kakai Bautista as some netizens questioned why this was not done to Erich Gonzales.

Mario had a chance to be the leading man of Erich in the movie Suddenly It’s Magic in 2012. One of the cast members was Kakai.

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After that project, in some instances, the comedienne-singer would recall the closeness she had with Mario. However, just recently, the camp of the Thai actor formally wrote a letter demanding Kakai to stop mentioning or “using” him.

Kakai, with her legal counsel, fired back at the camp of Mario with the defense that she was just talking the events based on her personal experience.

In an article in The Philippine Star, it was said that the source close to the Thai actor stressed that they just wanted Kakai Bautista to stop doing statements that insinuated that she and Mario Maurer had a romantic encounter.

The source also answered that Erich, who did a vlog with Mario was not reprimanded because she was not trying to insinuate that there was the romance between them.

Suddenly It's Magic Premiere

“People are comparing why Erich Gonzales didn’t receive a demand letter? Because she never invent an imaginary love affair with him,” the source said.

The source added that there was never a truth in the “delusion” that Kakai had and this has caused perception that she is just a stalker.

“The cease and desist is simple: Just stop the make believe that she and Mario were an item. There never was, never will be,” the source added.

In the official statement of Kakai Bautista, she said that that would be the last time that she will speak about this.

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