Family Mourns After Loss of Husky That Saved Them From Venomous Snake

Family Grieves After Adopted Husky Passes Away For Saving Them From Venomous Snake

A family is mourning after the loss  of the beloved husky that saved and protect them from a venomous snake.

A Facebook user named Yap Y.F of Taiping, China has shared the heartbreaking of their husky who died after saving them from a poisonous snake. The dog proves his love and concern towards its masters.

Yap said that her family adopted the sick husky roaming around the streets and nursed him. She named the dog “Dai Bao” and started to take care of the sick and pitiful dog, which is malnourished during that time.


After three months of fostering Dai Bao, the husky had an amazing transformation and turned into such a beautiful pet. The dog recovered and gained weight because of its master’s love.

One day, the dog returned the love gave by its masters by saving them from a venomous snake that entered their house. The wonderful pet left the Yap less than two years after they have adopted him.

“Bao, thank you for sacrificing your life, or the snake would have crawled into the house. We will miss you forever and you must live happily over the Rainbow Bridge. Mama will miss you, you’re no longer here to chase chase. I’m sorry I didn’t protect you,” Yap said.

Husky Husky Husky

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