Gigo De Guzman Being Blamed For Mom Claire Dela Fuente’s Death

A netizen blamed Gigo De Guszman for the death of Claire Dela Fuente

Gigo De Guzman, the son of OPM icon Claire dela Fuente shared this screenshot of a netizen’s comment blaming him for the death of his mother.

Claire passed away on March 30 due to cardiac arrest after she tested positive for COVID-19. In a previous interview, Gigo made some clarifications regarding the initial information that was published surrounding the death of the veteran singer.

gigo de guzman claire dela fuente
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Amid this tragedy in his life, many personalities in the music industry, fans of Claire, and netizens expressed condolences to Gigo and his family. On the other, the fact that his name was involved in the Christine Dacera Case, there were those who expressed mean comments against him.

Previously, Gigo de Guzman shared a message from a netizen who appeared mocking what he feels after losing someone. The netizen apparently scrutinized him due to the Dacera issue.

Just recently, another netizen expressed scrutiny against him. Gigo shared on his Instagram Story this comment from a netizen who was blaming him for the death of his mother.

gigo de guzman claire dela fuente
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“Hindi pa sana mamamatay si Claire kundi dahil nitong Gigo de Guzman,” a certain Rey Martinez said. The netizen believed that “lagim” came into the life of the veteran singer because of his son’s “involvement” in the Christine Dacera Case.

In addition to this scrutiny against Gigo, the netizen even called him “the proud bading”. In line with this, the son of Claire said that he does not know where the right of the netizen to comment like this came from. “Sana hindi mo maramdaman ang nararamdaman ko ngayon. Mag-ingat na lang po kayo at delikado ang panahon ngayon,” Gigo de Guzman added.

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