Claire dela Fuente: Dacera Case Respondent Valentine Rosales Pens Open Letter for Singer

Open Letter for Claire dela Fuente from Dacera Case Respondent Valentine Rosales

CLAIRE DELA FUENTE – Valentine Rosales, one of the respondents of the Dacera case, penned an open letter for the late singer.

The death of singer Claire dela Fuente has shocked a lot of people. The sudden demise of the OPM singer was due to cardiac arrest. According to her son, Gigo de Guzman, she had anxiety after she knew that she’s positive for COVID-19.

Gigo is also positive for the disease. He is currently under home quarantine and is isolating in his room. The singer was brought to the hospital after her oxygen level dropped.

According to Gigo, his mother was really worried that they both tested positive for the disease. He’s asymptomatic while she experienced breathing difficuties.

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Claire dela Fuente died yesterday, March 30. Among her last public citing was when she stood by her son and defended him and his group from accusations over the Christine Dacera case.

Gigo was invited by one of the friends of Christine Dacera for a year-end party in a hotel in Makati City. According to them, they had hard drinks and, the following morning, they found Christine unconscious in a bathtub. She was brought to Makati Medical Center but was declared dead on arrival.

The autopsy determined ruptured aortic aneurysm as the cause of the death of Christine. However, her family is not convinced that she died of a natural cause. Charges were filed against her 11 companions.

One of the respondents in the case of Christine Dacera is Valentine Rosales. The respondents became close to Claire dela Fuente as she really stood by her son and the group in defending themselves.

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On Instagram, Valentine Rosales posted an open letter for Claire dela Fuente. He thanked the late singer whom he described as a mom, a hero, a savior, and a family to them. According to him, she has always been in their side despite all the stress and anxiety and it pains him that she left so soon.

Valentine stressed that they really love Claire and they won’t give up. He also stated that they will follow what the singer said to keep on pushing on when you are standing for the truth. Here’s the open letter posted on Instagram:

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