McDonald’s Praises Brave Man After Opening Burger Stand in Front of Fast-Food Chain

Entertaining Photo of a Brave Man Who Opened a Burger Stand in Front of McDonald’s Goes Viral

McDonald’s praises a brave man and described him as ‘Impressive’ after opening a burger stand in front of the popular fast-food chain.

A Twitter user named Sufri has shared the photos of a brave vendor selling Ramly burger in front of a large McDonald’s outlet in Kepong, Malaysia. The man’s action shown a very daring act for competing against a huge firm.

The popular fast-food chain is occupying the corner lot in the area, which give the man an idea to open a burger stand near the establishment. The guy thought that he could attract more customers by opening a burger stand near McDo

Brave Man

The daring vendor decided to sell his burgers in front of the fast-food restaurant knowing that his products are delicious. The establishment also expressed its support towards the small-time vendor.

The locals in the area have also defended the business strategy of the vendor. They said that the burgers would still be sell even if it was not placed in front of McDonald’s because of its quality.

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Of course, he should be daring! Burger Malaysia is more delicious!” a netizen said.

There’s also one called Daily Burger near Gombak that’s like this. Open opposite Mcdonald’s but there’s always a waiting line during lunch hour,” another netizen said.

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