Male Resident Airs Dismay After Thief Steals Parts of his Motorcycle “Halos Ubos”

Male Resident Expresses Disappointed After Thief Left his Motorcycle Almost “Skeleton”

A male resident has expressed his disappointment towards a thief who robbed the parts of his motorcycle “Halos Ubos”.

The motorcycle rider named Jay Dela Peña narrated that the thief stole the gauge, plate number, battery and other parts of his motorcycle. He left his motorcycle parked outside of their house.

The culprit allegedly stole his wallet and his motorcycle’s certificate of registration, which was placed inside of his u-box. His motorcycle has been left like a skeleton with no fairings and other parts.


Dela Peña said that he is used to park his motorcycle a few meters away from their house. He is confident that no one would dare to do something bad with his possessions due to the massive number of people in their subdivision.

The victim believes that the suspect brought his motorcycle at the darker side of the subdivision and dismantle it to steal the parts that he could use or sell.  Jay also expressed his dismay because he is about to complete his monthly installment.

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Dela Peña reported the incident to the Mintal Police Station and the authorities would conduct an investigation regarding the incident.

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