Male Vlogger Earns Criticisms for Kissing Younger Sister on Lips in TikTok Videos

Videos of Male Vlogger Kissing Younger Sister on Lips in TikTok Videos Earn Criticisms Online

A male vlogger “Jhayraemon” earned criticisms online for kissing his younger sister on the lips in his TikTok videos.

The Facebook page “Unwanted Message Request” has shared the video footage of a TikTok influencer “Jhayraemon” kissing his younger sister on the lips. The video garnered various reactions from the netizens.

In the video, it can be seen that the vlogger is kissing his younger sister on the lips with her consent. The young girl is also kissing him voluntarily and their parents see nothing wrong with it.

Male Vlogger

However, a lot of social media users consider their action as an inappropriate one because they were siblings. The influencer kissed his younger sister on the lips several times and in different videos on TikTok.

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Here is the full post:

“hi everyone, nagscroll ako kanina sa tiktok then nakita ko ‘to. IMO, very inappropriate and napakadisturbing ng ginagawa nung kuya nya sa kanya. borderline, kadiri talaga baka mamaya pinagnanasaan na nitong lalaki yung kapatid nya lmaooo or idk paenlighten po, baka nga masyado lang akong OA. ty!

btw, icomment ko yung tiktok vid sa baba. di pwede ma-post kasi baka ma-community standards.”

Male Vlogger

Here is one of the videos:

Some videos can be found in the comment section:

The online community expressed their reactions to the videos:

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