Maris Racal Past Fangirling Tweets for Rico Blanco Resurfaced

Netizens recalled these fangirling tweets of Maris Racal for Rico Blanco

The past fangirling tweets of actress-singer Maris Racal for singer-songwriter Rico Blanco resurfaced after the latter wrote a sweet reply for the birthday greeting from the former.

The online community gushed over the sweet video of Maris and Rico. It was the actress’s way of greeting the former Rivermaya band member. Because of that, speculations surfaced that they are already a couple, as one netizen who commented on the post of Maris said that the relationship has been a year already.

maris racal rico blanco

Several celebrities also commented on the post of Maris that even fueled speculations about their rumored romance. Amid the loud buzz on social media, Maris and Rico haven’t said anything yet regarding this matter.

However, their silence did not stop netizens who expressed “kilig” and so the names of the rumored couple have been a trending topic on Twitter. Many netizens also noticed that Maris Racal had several fangirling tweets for Rico Blanco in the past.

These tweets showed that the actress-singer is really a big fan of the singer-songwriter. Because of this, netizens felt added “kilig” that Maris, somehow, was able to reach her dream with the man she admires.

Here are some of the past fangirling tweets of Maris Racal for Rico Blanco.

  • maris racal tweet
  • maris racal tweet

However, it is inevitable that their sweetness will be a disgust for others. Bashers also expressed their negative thoughts against the rumored couple. Several critics were pointing out the difference in their age. Rico has just celebrated his 48th birthday while Maris is now 23.

On the other hand, supporters of the MaRico tandem pointed out that “age does not matter” and “age is just a number”.

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