Bonifacio Bosita: Riders’ Safety Advocate Philippines Founder Biography

Biography Riders’ Safety Advocate Philippines Founder Col. Bonifacio Bosita

BONIFACIO BOSITA – This is what you need to know about the retired Colonel who exerts so much efforts to help the abused riders in the country.

Bonifacio Laqui Bosita is the Riders’ Safety Advocates of the Philippines (RSAP) founder and retired police colonel. Bosita, just like the veteran journalist Raffy Tulfo, helps motorcycle riders who encounter bad service and inaccurate apprehension of traffic enforcers.

Bonifacio Bosita

He is also an influencer on social media as he shares the right observation of traffic rules and teaches riders. Bosita has now 309,000 followers on his Youtube page and some of his videos have also reached millions of views.

Crusader of Riders’ Rights

These riders have been seeking or have sought Bosita’s help with problems like motorcycle registration, vehicle clearance, traffic violations, traffic penalties, and so on. 

Aside from stubborn riders, Bosita also apprehends and accosts traffic law enforcers who do not perform their job accurately. Undaunted Bosita, never hesitates to correct anomalous law enforcers as long he fights what is right.

Bosita uses his personal motorcycle to respond to the troubled rider and he also uses it wandering around apprehend traffic law violators. Bosita also revealed that he was not tasked by the PNP to do this kind of job.

Enterference Issue

Meanwhile, the crusader of riders’ rights faces criticism against the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic Chief Edison “Bong” Nebrija. He was criticized for his alleged interference on MMDA’s traffic enforcers’ jobs.

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Bosita Running for Politics

The RSAP founder answered the accusation against him that he would run in politics representing the rights of riders. He said he had no plans then to run under a party list.

He explained that he had been doing his advocacy for several years helping motorcycle riders and he did not seek to enter politics. But he thought he had to run to represent the riders’ community.

But the problem is that he was not prepared for it. Bosita, on the other hand, is confident that she will win the party-list if she plans it all, but the problem is that she lacks preparation for it.

Life Background

Bosita was raised poor with his family who is living in the farm but he was finished studies with the help of his siblings and mother as his father dies when he was at a very young age.

He finished the 5-year course of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and become a professional civil engineer. But with the love of serving the country, Bosita becomes lieutenant colonel with the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG).

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