Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Recovering After Getting Shot Saving Her Dogs

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker In Recovery After Dog Poachers Gunned Him

LADY GAG’S DOG WALKER – Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer is now on his way to recovery after being shot last week.

Earlier, poachers attacked Fischer in an attempt to steal the singer’s french bulldogs. Luckily, Fischer never gave up and defended the animals.

Because of this, the assailants shot Fischer right above his shoulder close to his neck. As a result, the poachers managed to steal two of Gaga’s French Bulldogs – Koji and Gustav.

Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Recovering After Getting Shot Saving Her Dogs

However, because of Fischer’s heroic actions, he managed to save the third dog – Asia. Meanwhile, with blood gushing from his body, Fischer recalled the incident a “very close call with death”.

Thankfully, Fischer is on his way to a full recovery. On his Instagram, he posted a photo of himself with the caption:

I cradled Asia as best I could, thanked her for all the incredible adventures we’d been on together, apologized that I couldn’t defend her brothers, and then resolved that I would still try to save them … and myself

After the incident, both Koji and Gustav were returned unharmed to police. Apparently, an unidentified woman managed to return the two.

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