Young Girl Suffers Injuries After Extension Cord Blasts

Young Girl Suffers Hand Injury After Plugging Extension Cord Into Wall Outlet

A young girl suffered a hand injury due to blast while trying to plug an extension cord into the wall outlet.

Previously, it has been reported that a 2-year-old boy passed away due to electrocution after inserting a spoon into a cord extension. The boy has been rushed to the hospital and the health personnel tried to revive him but eventually died.

A Facebook user named Athena Quintana Comboy has shared the photos of her beloved daughter who suffered a hand injury after their extension cord blasts. The post garnered various reactions from the netizens.

Young Girl

In the photos, it can be seen that the young girl’s hand suffered burns and injuries. The kid’s fingers turned black, which may cause extreme pain for the girl. The extension cord has been also damaged due to the incident.

Athena also advised her fellow parents to monitor their children regularly to avoid similar accidents. However, she is still grateful that her daughter was not electrocuted and still alive after the incident.

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Young Girl

Here is the full post:

Sumakit puso ko nun nabasa ko yung trending ngayon na batang nakuryente, the same thing also happened to my 7 years old daughter 2 weeks ago, pumutok ang extension wire sa kamay niya the moment na sinaksak niya sa outlet, good thing na hindi sya direct na nakuryente pero grabe yung nangyari sa kamay niya. Doble ingat, hindi natin alam kung kailan mangyayari ang disgrasya. Haaay.

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