2 Kids in Cagayan Passed Away Due to Food Poisoning After Eating Crabs

2 Kids in Cagayan Die of Food Poisoning After Eating Crabs

Two kids in Cagayan passed away due to food poisoning after eating crabs called ‘Kurit” brought by their father for breakfast.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Region 2 is currently conducting a thorough investigation regarding the death of two children in Santa Ana, Cagayan due to food poisoning after eating crabs.

According to the investigation of Santa Ana Police, the family consumed the crabs called “kurit” brought by the pillar of their home. After a few moments, the two siblings aging five and two years old suddenly collapsed.

Food Poisoning

The parents rushed the kids to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment and medication but the five-year-old kid passed away during the treatment. The two-year-old kid died while heading to another hospital.

The father of the kids is currently recovering at the hospital after suffering the signs and symptoms experienced by his children. BFAR Region 2 took samples from the crab, which caused the food poisoning.

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Food Poisoning

“Ayon sa attending physician, ang immediate cause of death ng dalawang bata ay respiratory failure, antecedent cause ay severe hypersensitivity at ang underlying cause ay food poisoning,” Santa Ana Police Maj. Chief Ronald Balod.

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