Mommy Divine Geronimo’s Life After Sarah-Matteo Wedding Controversy

How’s Mommy Divine Geronimo’s life now?

Mommy Divine Geronimo has been busy doing this after the controversy that happened during the wedding of her daughter Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo with singer-actor Matteo Guidicelli.

The supposed private ceremony for the union of the celebrity couple unfolded before the public’s eyes because of the issue that rose. Reportedly, Mommy Divine opposed the wedding to happen and a commotion happened when she arrived at the venue.

mommy divine sarah geronim
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It is also known to many showbiz fans that the mother of the singer-actress was strict when it comes to her career and love life.

However, Sarah, apparently, made her own decision and stood up for it when she finally decided to tie the knot with Matteo.

Based on the article by entertainment columnist Salve Asis in Pilipino Star Ngayon, there is still no update, as of the writing, if the conflict between Mommy Divine and the celebrity couple was already ironed out.

However, as they say life has to move on. Reportedly, the mother of Sarah is now back to doing business. The Geronimo’s Cafe & Restaurant resumed its operation already and this is located at Mindanao Avenue. Aside from their physical store, they are also open for delivery.

The mother of the Popstar Royalty has her own garden where the organic ingredients for the food they serve in the restaurant came from. It was also said that they are working on strengthening the presence of the business online.

Mommy Divine and Sarah Geronimo
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In the said restaurant also, reportedly, Mommy Divine held press conferences for her daughter as it is really her passion to bake and cook.

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