Germany Records First Case Of Brazilian COVID-19 Variant

Authorities From Germany Records First Case Of Brazilian COVID-19 Strain

BRAZILIAN COVID-19 STRAIN – On Friday, the Regional Health Office from Germany records its first case of the new Brazilian COVID-19 variant. Much like the variant from Britian, the Brazilian variant was feared to be more infectious than previous strains.

The infected patient recently came back from a vacation to Brazil. However, when he underwent a lab test, he was found positive for the new strain. According to Hessian Social Affairs Minister, Kai Klose, the strain from Brazil was similar to the virus strain that originated from South Africa.

Currently, there are three new COVID-19 mutations that have been found to be more transmissible than the rest. These are from Britain, Brazil, and South Africa. As such, experts fear that the more contagious variants may cause another outbreak worldwide.

Germany Records First Case Of Brazilian COVID-19 Variant

Based on an article from ABS-CBN, Virologist Sandra Ciesek, one of the leading virologists from Germany, said the patient from Brazil was asymptomatic. Meanwhile, the sample taken from the patient was still undergoing DNA sequencing to confirm the presence of the Brazilian strain.

In Brazil, health experts such as Felipe Naveca expressed fears that the new strain may already be the dominant strain in the state of Amazonas. Meanwhile, Germany had already detected cases of both the British and South African mutations as well.

However, health authorities were quick to isolate the cases with no major cluster emerging since detection. Still, even with a more transmissive strain, the new variant doesn’t lead to more serious cases of COVID-19.

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