Matteo Guidicelli “Nang-aasar” In PS5 Unboxing Video?

PS5 unboxing video of Matteo Guidicelli catches social media attention following his previous video that went viral.

MATTEO GUIDICELLI – In a new unboxing video featuring PS5, famous actor Matteo Guidicelli does this in reply to critics of his previous video.

Game enthusiasts were previously triggered as to how actor Matteo Guidicelli unboxed his PS4 Pro. It was very unusual and the torn boxes and other things included were just all over the place. He ripped off the box and just recklessly opened the expensive gaming gadget.

Matteo Guidicelli
Photo grabbed on youTube

And just recently, he got his PS5 and unboxed it just the same as how he did it previously. However, this time, he was accordingly “organized” by putting the things direct to the garbage on one side and the essential things on the other side. But still covers and plastics were spread on the floor.

Some netizens, after watching his video, said that he must have done it purposely as “pang-asar” to his critics from his video before. Also, in his recent video, he used a “shock absorbent” table so as the gadget won’t be shaky even if he would just carelessly put it on the table.

Matteo Guidicelli
Photo lifted from ABS-CBN News

He said, “Sa mga nagco-complain diyan, by the way, this table is shock-absorbent so the PS5 does not feel any… kumbaga, it doesn’t feel any shock because the table is from a Cebu company and it’s shock absorbent, so it bounces.”

One viewer said that he might just be trolling around and this could just be his way to gather views on his channel as the previous one that he did has gathered so much attention. His current video still gathered several disapprovals with the way how he unboxed the console.


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