K-pop Merch Shop Gave Courier Rider Father Blackpink Album as Present to Daughter

A loving courier rider father seeking famous K-pop girl group Blackpink album to give to her daughter as present for its birthday goes viral online.

Nowadays, many young people are obsessed with various K-pop idols or groups. Although there are many fans of K-pop groups here in the country, very few are able to sell albums because they still need to be bought from South Korea.

Courier Father Blackpink

Meanwhile, an online shop selling albums and merchandise of K-pop boy group GOT7 shared on Twitter a touching story about a father who is patiently searching for the album of another well-known K-pop group Blackpink.

The story of one of the owners of 7for7Shoppe, Aly is that Ralph Paul De Leon, a rider of the courier service ABest Express, allegedly texted them. He asked if they are selling Blackpink “The Album” because it was being idolized by his daughter who was about to celebrate her birthday.

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But since most of what Aly and her friends Gab and Ianna sell are GOT7 albums and merchandise, they allegedly told Mang Ralph that they will look for a Blackpink album.

Courier Father Blackpink

Aly added that when they found a Blackpink album, they decided to give it away for free to Mang Ralph’s daughter Yawina. ” I think na albums are expensive talaga. It’s not for all kumbaga. So sa ‘kin parang instead of selling it, why not just give it instead,” Aly told The Philippine Star.

“Kasi po birthday din naman ng one (GOT7) member nung day na ‘yun (Tito Jaebeom 😂), so celebration na rin po sana, We are fans too so we know the happiness it could give to someone. And dad is really cute, he is supportive,” it added.

When they told this good news to Mang Ralph and Yawina, the girl could hardly sleep because she was so excited. Yawina received the Album along with some photos, cards, and posters of its members. It is said that this is Yawina’s first Blackpink merchandise.

Read the full conversation here: https://twitter.com/7for7Shoppe/status/1346792432436797441

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