Roads Near Quiapo Church Closed Starting Jan. 7 (List Of Closed Roads)

List Of Closed Roads Near Quiapo Church In Preparation For Black Nazarene

ROADS NEAR QUIAPO CHURCH CLOSED – In preparation of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Manila, several roads will be closed for the Traslacion on January 7, 2021.

Although the traditional procession is canceled due to the pandemic, a mass would still be held in the church on January 9, the day of the Traslacion.

Due to the expected surge of devotees, roads around southbound and northbound lane of Quezon Boulevard, along with the east and westbound lanes of Carlos Palanca street would be closed.

Roads Near Quiapo Church Closed Starting Jan. 7 (List Of Closed Roads)

Additionally, no parking and no vendor policy would be observed during the time period of the event. Furthermore, the Manila Police District (MPD) will impose control points around the church to control the flow of devotees.

In case the amount of people gets too crowded, the police would temporarily block entry until some of the devotees have left the church. Meanwhile, the Quiapo Church and the MPD urge devotees to join masses at their local parishes.

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