Plantito and Plantita: A Trend Amid Pandemic (Year Ender 2020)

Amid the pandemic, many people turned plantito and plantita

They are called plant parents but in the Philippines, the term plantito and plantita became popular amid the pandemic.

Many people are already doing gardening and taking care of plants as hobbies for many years already. However, the popularity of this hobby boomed amid the quarantine period as many people are finding ways to turn the negativity of COVID-19 pandemic into something positive.

plantito and plantita
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This 2020, there is a growing number of netizens showcasing their plants. Some decided to plant their own food at home amid the pandemic for consumption purposes while some just enjoyed the beauty and uniqueness of their ornamental plants.

Based on the article from PIA, there are six ranks in identifying a plantito and plantito: “a noob with just three plants, one of which struggles to live; a trained plantita with ten plants, joins plant support group; and skilled with more than varieties, talks daily to their plants with a supplier of soil, rocks and carbonized rice hull.”

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Then, there is a veteran plant parent, the one who owns “countless collection, willing to go to the mountains in search for plants, can diagnose problems of plants and armed with a plant cutter everywhere she goes; and a legendary who keeps extra pots, contacts supplier from afar to buy rare types; and almost all of her collections have names.”

plantito and plantita
Photo credit: Philstar

For those who are not “plant parents”, this hobby might be puzzling. However, there is more than just aesthetic in this kind of interest. Based on the article from ABS-CBN, being a plantito and plantita has a good effect in mental health.

Psychologist Renz Argao said in an interview that taking care of plants can promote engagement in positive activities. This has been beneficial for many in coping up with the situation as the country and most parts of the world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking care of plants is also a way to practice mindfulness and can be a positive distraction from your stressors. It is also a good mental and physical exercise,” Argao added.

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